The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.


adventurer. disruptive speaker. mountaineer. everest climber. futurist. writer.  
exponential thinker. drone fanatic. big data expert. financier. angel investor. traveller. explorer. 
Peaks. Robots. Adventure.

From small village in Austria Paul has ventured out into the world of adventure and technology. When he is not travelling to exotic places, or climbing in the highest mountains of the world, Paul likes to play with exponential technologies. Paul has driven a Tuktuk 3000 kilometer across India, solved a Rubic cube on the top of Mount Everest and flown a drone into an active volcanoe. He has spent time thinking about the future at NASA and likes to dream up ever new ideas. To make his dreams reality he actively advises and invests in ground breaking companies that disrupt and will change the lifes of millions of people. He likes to share his experiences and is a sought after keynote speaker and contributor to magazines and newspapers.

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